la dolce vida 

Creativity struck this weekend (love when that happens). Check out the change ups ! 

I ended up taking the fish off the table& putting pretty green flowers in the vase instead. Living things like fish & flowers sure bring life into the home:) natural elements like water & candles (fire) should also receive an honorable mention! Oh yea, my herb garden died…. Ironically shortly after I started studying agriculture ha 😉

 As always,  I purchased everything from Home Depot, Craigslist, Ross, home goods & thrift shops. The best part about saving $ is splurging on the fun stuff💰. 

Oh & full disclosure:

The deer pic = anthropologie. 

The barn star was a gift ❤️. 

The pieces of wood on the ladder are from my parents ranch (the lichen is real)! 


That gorgeous coffee table…. My ‘handyman’ found n delivered 😊😍 

The entry way ‘table’ that’s actually a desk …… My room mate found on the side of the road 😂. 

The living room needs a little more work, but is nearly there, I wish I had before pics ! 

Speaking of side of the road. There was a situation this weekend. I um, sold a couch to someone on CL…. And it flew out of the back of their truck as they were driving it home. If you find this hilarious, we will likely get along. 

The challenge: this adorable bar cart! In order to get it home I had to take it apart…. And now I can’t get it back together 😭 stay posted 

Weekends like this make me sooooooo happy & serve as a great reminder of how sweet life is 🍬 la dolce vida 🍬 

Dave Matthews band played most the weekend ~~> great creativity music 🎶 


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