Hi bloggers 🙂

Today’s ripped class k i l l e d it~ I am so proud of them. As for me, I logged in -800 calories (hooray!) & I imagine my students did more. I FINALLY, started adjusting to my new schedule (grad school threw me for a loop). Today was the first day since starting that I’ve felt energized and ready to tackle my day-work, teach, study.  I will say work, school and GX have felt like a lot and stress me out. That being said, the quick fix for me & stress = spa/being spoiled. If you are prone to stress how do you cope? Learn what works for you, your body will thank you.

Update on -8 for month of Sept, weeellllllllll. I was down 4, started new med that causes weight gain and sleepiness (stupid), & gained 2. But hey! 2 is still progress 😉 So, my dear friend Cherub and I are on it (again) this month. The reward: filet mignon waiting for us in the freezer. When we reach goal (In October) we may defrost, cook and eat. Talk about motivation ❤ Is there anything better on earth than steak? Nope.

Where does clean eating start? The grocery store. Check out what I bought tonight if you are feeling lost at Trader Joe’s. Also check out dinner- salmon is where it’s at, throw it into your mix!



IMG_8673 IMG_8674IMG_8673IMG_8675 IMG_8676 IMG_8678


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