The good stuff

  • On classes: RIPPED Willow Glen, hope you are ready for season 22! I’ve been practicing the choreography (even in the car) and can’t wait to show you! Spin Salinas, I’m so proud of your performance last night- work hard play hard (it was even our warm up song… how’s that for foreshadowing)?
  • On clean eating goals: Ebbs and flows. W/ some fun October travel (Napa and Dallas) I slacked off a little, but hey life is short! More here after I food prep (and shop) this weekend.
  • On DIY: Flipped some stud’s patio. Lots of painting, potting flowers and shopping 🙂 Made a chalkboard out of a canvas (fav part of flip). After shopping them out (with no luck), I got desperate and bought a little one at target for $20. I returned it an hour later, as it didn’t have the look….. The final was a huge canvas from ikea (got on craigslist for $20!). I sprayed a lil primer + chalk paint and wa-lah! A $300 chalkboard for $35. I truthfully was tempted to keep it for myself….
  • More DIY: I’m selling almost everything I have and starting new. My bed frame was the first to go. What am I thinking? Stay tuned.
  • On family: Safe to say MMx2 are ‘my people.’ Last night, I asked my sister which doll is her favorite, she replies- while putting both her hands on my chest- ‘your eyes are my favorite.’ A few minutes later, dad asks if anyone wants A1 for their steak… I mention Wiz Khalifa and without even thinking about it, my brother knows (and raps the A1 lyric at the table). Here’s to what matters most: family (and the friends we consider family)!
  • I hope you are enjoying the Halloween season! Boo!



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